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One of the fastest growing areas of the pharmaceutical market over the next few years is anticipated to be the general category of “biologics,” and within this category, novel monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and biosimilars are growing most rapidly. This fact, and the goal to broaden Evotec’s capabilities and capacities significantly, led to the strategic decision to acquire Just Biotherapeutics in 2019. A perfect step into biologics.

Over the next 5 years, the number of mAbs in development as well as the overall number of mAbs approved for commercial use are predicted to grow substantially, which clearly underpins Evotec’s decision to invest into this market. Approved and commercially successful mAbs will go off patent and lose exclusivity, supporting continued growth in the biosimilar market segment.

Building differentiation and value through powerful technological solutions

The scope of Just – Evotec Biologics’ J.DESIGN platform is from discovery through manufacturing and facility design, creating a powerful and unique A to Z integrated biologics platform. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being applied across a common data set to create high quality molecules in discovery that, in turn, drive more productive manufacturing processes for implementation in low-cost, highly-flexible manufacturing facilities.

The current technological focus of the J.DESIGN platform will address >70% of all biologic products in the coming years. As we connect Evotec’s EVOpanOmics and EVOpanHunter prediction capabilities to selecting molecules that are more developable and easier to manufacture, we create an opportunity for rapid entry and success in the clinic. When you add, as part of the same platform, the ability to flexibly manufacture at low cost and to quickly put in place geographically disperse capacity for commercial supply, then you have created a real Autobahn for delivering global access to biologics. This great science and technology coupled to a growing J.POD® network will radically differentiate Evotec as a major player in biologics in the coming years.

Our focus comes alive as tangible actions that must be accomplished over the next 5 years

Seven strategic actions will drive progress toward global access

  1. Seamlessly bridge the J.DESIGN biologics platform to Evotec’s discovery and pre-clinical biology
  2. Establish a proprietary humanoid antibody library (J.HAL) as the leading mAbs discovery platform to drive product partnerships
  3. Through strong technology partnerships, accelerate improvement and evolution of the entire J.DESIGN platform
  4. Become the recognised industry leader in end-to-end continuous processing for low-cost manufacturing and flexible supply
  5. Build a strong partner-focused biosimilar business that leverages the J.DESIGN platform
  6. Commission the first two J.POD® commercial plants, begin planning of the third and help mature Evotec support infrastructure for biologics
  7. Through reputation and competitive benefits, hire and retain the best talent in the industry

All in all, Evotec is perfectly positioned to become the innovation leader in biologics drug discovery, development and manufacturing.

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