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Cell therapy is a highly promising field of biomedical research and already plays an important role in the development of novel therapeutics. Cell therapies use cell products with therapeutic effects, derived from living cells that are cultivated outside the body before being injected or transplanted. The cell therapy space is a fast-growing area offering exceptional opportunities for treatments of a wide range of medical conditions. Indeed, it is predicted that the size of the cell therapy market combined with its sister technology, gene therapy, will grow at a CAGR of 26%. More importantly, a variety of so far untreatable diseases can be addressed only by cell therapy products.

With EVOcells, Evotec has established a versatile platform in this exciting new modality. The Company now aims to significantly broaden and deepen its efforts in several indications and with a broad range of partners. Evotec’s vision is to develop cost-effective therapies based on human cells to cure life-threatening diseases.

The industry-leading platform for iPSC-based cell therapies

Evotec has built an industrialised iPSC infrastructure that represents one of the largest and most sophisticated platforms in the industry. Evotec’s iPSC platform has been developed over the last eight years with the goal to industrialise iPSC-based drug screening in terms of throughput, reproducibility and robustness to reach the highest industrial standards.

In addition, the platform is used to develop the next generation of cell-based, off-the-shelf therapies. Already today, we have a strong project portfolio covering immuno-oncology, heart repair and metabolic diseases and Evotec is well-positioned to accelerate the translation of these projects into the clinic. Evotec will further expand and invest in its cell therapy infrastructure with the focus on off-the-shelf cell therapies with long-lasting efficacy like immune cells in oncology (e.g. NK and T cells), beta cells for diabetes, cardiomyocytes in heart repair as well as iPSC-derived exosomes.

The strategic goals for EVOcells in the years ahead are:

  • Leverage Evotec’s leading cell therapy know-how & technology platforms
    • Evotec world-class, global, industrialised iPSC infrastructure serving all projects
    • All technologies and know-how under ONE roof, from patient to patient
  • Establish a comprehensive, world-leading iPSC-based cell therapy portfolio
    • Build a panel of GMP grade, well characterised iPSC lines suitable for therapeutic use
    • Develop a growing portfolio of GMP-compatible cell differentiation protocols and cell therapy projects
  • Leverage Evotec’s expertise in iPSC biology and antibody manufacturing
    • Build a world-leading GMP manufacturing infrastructure to drive clinical development and commercial supply
  • Commercial and clinical success
    • Develop a broad portfolio of co-owned projects, delivering a significant return of investment: strategic pharma partnerships, smaller partnerships, start-up investments and NewCo formations
    • Progress several projects into clinical trials across the iPSC therapy space

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