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Integrated Data-driven Research & Development

Data and science-driven highway underlined by a holistic digital strategy

In the last decade, biomedical research and improved technologies have led to an in-depth understanding of the molecular mechanisms of health and disease and their relationship to observed clinical parameters. The drug discovery and development of the future will bring together different disciplines, targets and approaches to generate disease-modifying treatments – potentially leading to a cure for many currently untreatable diseases. To increase the chance of success, the discovery and development process is also becoming increasingly tailored to each individual project.

Historically, Evotec has always been a very strong small molecule player with capabilities and capacities from target ID up to PDC (pre-clinical development candidate). In recent years, we have expanded and broadened our expertise through acquisitions and platform collaborations. Today, Evotec provides a globally leading, comprehensive, multimodality R&D Autobahn that covers all aspects from concept up to IND (Investigational New Drug), complemented by manufacturing and clinical services expertise. Our Autobahn is a game-changer, supported by a holistic digital strategy that derives its potential from combining the most promising healthcare-related technologies with data and analytics.

We have the agility to change lanes

Advanced analytics, smart devices, and the automation of complex decisions are capable of delivering a step change in the efficiency, speed, quality and responsiveness of business processes in all industries. Efficient internal processes will be a prerequisite for anyone who wants to play an important role in the future healthcare industry.

The latest industry benchmark data shows that neither the costs nor timelines of drug discovery have changed over recent years. Including the cost of attrition, it takes benchmark companies approximately US$ 75 m just to achieve a single regulatory tox study start and still around 5.5 years to proceed from a target to a FGLPD (first good laboratory practice tox dose) or IND (Investigational new drug).

At Evotec, our data shows that in recent years our integrated processes combined with our high success rates have achieved portfolio delivery to IND at around half the cost and in approximately 30% less time when compared with the benchmark.

This time saving is very important for us and our partners, as the potential to reach IND 18 months faster than the competition generates real added value in a competitive marketplace for innovative breakthrough medicines. This is especially true in a highly connected world where many players are pursuing the same scientific concepts and disclosures in a race to market.

Within Action Plan 2025, Evotec aims to deliver high quality drug candidates by integrating disease area knowledge, drug discovery and development know-how, and cutting-edge informatics using a lean, multimodality AI driven platform approach.

Evotec’s integrated Drug Discovery & Development – Focus on accelerating R&D with technology and operational efficiencies

  • Evotec’s expertise in deep learning and computational approaches to integrate knowledge across the full value chain of research, drug discovery and development is unique in the industry: computational capabilities in all essential domains including, for example, molecular design, product optimisation, extensive human pharmacokinetic parameter and dose predictions, toxicity prediction and design tools
  • From our position of strength in the established area of small molecules, we have added lanes for additional modalities, such as biologics, proteins, RNA, and antibody drug conjugates. This allows us to evaluate new targets and approaches at the earliest stages of biological intervention without limitations on technology
  • Our drug discovery therapeutic area expertise and capabilities cover CNS diseases, oncology, aging, inflammation, immunology, infectious diseases, fibrosis, diabetes, metabolic and muscle diseases, dermatology, women’s health and respiratory diseases
  • Our biomarker strategy and resources provide tailor made biomarker solutions using state-of-the-art technologies in a bench to bedside concept
    Continuous training in technology and leadership for scientists at all levels is designed to meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Many companies treat research, drug discovery and development as separate entities. At Evotec, we recognise that this is a continuum, which involves problem solving and careful planning at the very earliest stage to build quality and success for clinical development. By focusing on this continuum, it allows smooth transitioning from discovery and pre-clinical development through Evotec’s INDiGO programme into the clinic
  • Outstanding governance structure to supply fit for purpose resourcing, key expertise, decision-gated strategies, clear and timely communication, and seamless interactions between partners and functional teams. Within the structure of a project or partnership, we focus on the success of the inventive step in every discipline through a combination of knowledge, experience, computational power and process excellence.

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