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The data analytics market is growing rapidly

The transcriptomics market alone is expected to reach US$ 10 bn in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 12% – over recent years, there has been an exponential growth in omics data generation corresponding to increasing demand in this area of science.

PanHunter and EVOpanOmics together are uniquely suited to support Omics-driven precision medicine approaches throughout the whole drug discovery and development value chain. As the Company’s own bioinformatics software platform, PanHunter is a key part of our precision medicine platform of the future and enables advanced analytics of molecular patient samples databases. It allows in-depth data discovery on various cross-omics datasets. Especially combined with our high-throughput transcriptomics and proteomics platforms, Evotec can provide the full range from industrialised data generation.

  • PanHunter combines data from Genomics
  • Transcriptomics
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Spezialized CRISPR screens
  • and more…

An important source of the data is Evotec’s proprietary multi-omics data generation, “EVOpanOmics”, which is industry leading in terms of throughput, robustness and cost efficiency, in particular in the fields of transcriptomic and proteomic analysis. PanHunter enriches the data generated from EVOpanOmics with data from a variety of other sources.

With Next Generation Sequencing (“NGS”) for example it covers the entire pipeline:

  • Storing and managing the initial sequencing data
  • Quality control and differential expression analysis
  • Investigating the implications for down-stream processes, like pathway regulation or gene network analysis.

When setting up PanHunter, the initial goal was to achieve a much better understanding of human diseases, our biological models and compound activities. Data processing, analysis and interpretation on this scale can be challenging. We want to enable the project scientists to dive into complex data sets without getting lost. Our platform enables them to interact directly with the data to get faster and better answers.

To facilitate this we need to:

  • Remove much of the complexity of common bioinformatics tools and turn them into a user-friendly interface
  • Present the results in a very convenient way. For this reason, the software solution uses lots of interactive graphics and tables to present the findings

In a nutshell, PanHunter can handle multi-omics experiments starting from only a few entries up to large scale projects with several tens of thousands of samples.
EVOpanOmics and PanHunter are key platforms that already drive innovation within many internal R&D and partnered programmes. Evotec expects that all significant Evotec programmes (internal and partnered) will use these key platforms in order to identify and validate relevant pathways / targets as well as to generate the greatest value out of drug discovery programmes. Both technologies will ultimately lead to significantly higher success rates in drug discovery and development and will be the basis for high-value partnerships for the company.

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