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Driving development of innovative therapeutic options for patients with efficiency, quality and excellence

Evotec has a unique approach to precision medicine, a megatrend that is still at the very beginning of its development. Evotec will play a significant role in this exciting and innovative journey by delivering on its promise to develop more effective therapeutics and also more precise companion diagnostics.

Still 90% of all drugs only work in 50% of all patients. This ineffectiveness causes enormous physical and social suffering and presents a significant economic burden. The estimated annual cost of ineffective treatment is considered to be at US$ 350 bn annually. The introduction of precision medicine will significantly improve this situation.

Evotec is building the precision medicine platform of the future. This platform has a number of essential components, which only realise their true potential when they are brought together on one platform, including:

  • Access to proprietary high quality molecular patient databases which is required to understand the molecular mechanisms of diseases and thus lay the foundation for precision medicine approaches
  • The industry-leading human iPSC-based drug screening platform which can model diseases in more than 15 cell types. Patient-derived cell-based assays and an enhanced molecular understanding of disease phenotypes are crucial to improving the accuracy of this disease modelling
  • Evotec’s proprietary multi-omics data generation, “EVOpanOmics”, is industry-leading in terms of throughput, robustness and cost efficiency, in particular in the fields of transcriptomic and proteomic analysis
    • High-throughput transcriptomics is necessary to build large molecular patient and drug discovery databases effectively. Evotec has built an industry-leading high-throughput transcriptomics platform called ScreenSeq; able to run single-cell sequencing analysis on tissues from thousands of patients
    • Proteomes provide very important information on the status of a cell or tissue. The throughput of our proteomics platform (ScreenPep) has been improved, while maintaining highest performance on proteome coverage
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning have supported Omics data analysis using our novel platform EVOpanHunter. EVOpanHunter can deal with extensive Omics data sets and is used to establish relationships with pre-clinical and clinical metadata

EVOpanOmics and EVOpanHunter together are uniquely suited to support Omics-driven precision medicine approaches throughout the whole drug discovery and development value chain.

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